Monday, 30 July 2012

UP Girls again~

Hey everyone~

*crickets chirping*

OK, so it's been several several months since I last updated, and I guess for a while, I kinda gave up on the online world to focus on my finals... >_<

However, locking myself away -did- pay off in the end, I got the grades and now the world is my oyster! I'll give a looong update on what's been going on in my next post, but for now, I'll keep it short since I feel like I'm easing my way back into the online community.

Remember my post ages ago about a c-pop group called UP Girls?

I haven't been following Asian music recently, but thought I'd look them up to see how they were doing. Despite the lack of media coverage these girls have, I managed to find their new single.

Not gonna lie, this whole video still screams of k-pop, and I felt pretty bad for them during the rapping parts.  The girls pull off the cute look really well though, such a huge contrast from their previous video (see my other post) but all in all, the song did not work for me which is a shame, as I haven't come across any other c-pop bands that are riding the hallyu wave.

Anyway, best of luck to them, and if you are still reading this, then I hope you have a good evening! :)

Yishi xxx