Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My love affair with The Hunger Games

Hey everyone!

If you're keeping up to date with entertainment news, then you'll know there are three buzzwords that have been keeping the industry raptured  for the entire year ~ that's right, they are: "The Hunger Games". A trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, set in a dystopian future where North America is now called Panem and split into a Capitol that rules over thirteen districts. Many years ago, District 13 rebelled against the Capitol but failed and was destroyed, so as punishment, every year the Capitol decrees that two children between the ages of 12-18 are to be reaped from each District and forced to go into an arena in a fight to death. This fight is televised live, mandatory watching for the population and is known as The Hunger Games. Predicted to be the biggest box office hit this year, and if you've read the books, then you can see why...

I think it's about time I came clean now with my love for this series.

Song of the day: Safe and Sound (Hunger Games soundtrack) by Taylor Swift (lovelovelove)

I haven't been this obsessed about a franchise since Artemis Fowl.

In fact, no book has been able to grip me quite as much as The Hunger Games has, and that is part of why the book is so magical to me. When I was reading this series, I was completely sucked into the world of Panem. I lived and breathed coal dust with Katniss, I felt her fear, her joy, her sadness, and...I became her. There is no other way to describe it. It was as if I left everything I know behind and traded it for everything that lay in the words on the page.

And boy, how I'd trade in everything I own for Peeta's heart! He is...perfection. All you could want in a guy. If I ever meet a real life version of him, then he is going to be mine before you can even wish me odds in my favour... :P

I really liked how he was portrayed in all of the books ~ he wasn't the stereotypical protector type even though he wanted to be, and for the most part he was the weakest character in the arena. He's physically strong, but we never get to see that since he always ends up crippled in some way. But what we do see is an inner strength from the boy with the bread and his unconditional love for Katniss, both of which I really really really hope we get on screen.

Because that will make or break the movie.

I have no qualms about Jennifer Lawrence portraying Katniss well ~ I mean, when it comes to tough badass chickery then it's not exactly too difficult so long as she has the attitude down to a tee.

At first, I avoided the series since I thought the concept was way too similar to Battle Royale and I wanted to stay loyal to it. But then I finally decided to read the books this time last year, and boy, I devoured them in a matter of hours ~ it was so fast paced that I got an adrenaline rush just from flying through the story! Forget that I was supposed to be backpacking (with a suitcase) around Bulgaria, I couldn't take my eyes off the Kindle. The one thing I kept on saying to myself was that I totally wish I'd read them earlier!

In preparation for the upcoming movie, I decided to re-read the first book a few days ago, but ended up unable to stop and finished the second and third book over the weekend. Next up was the merchandise hunt, but couldn't find anything that wasn't overpriced online. Totally drooled over these sweatpants:

Except that they were a large...
In the end, I went into town today and found a stash of merchandise at Waterstones! Thinking of my giftcard back in my room, I refrained from splurging and only came home with one item.

A Mockingjay pin! It was the last one in the store... :3
This trilogy has made me laugh, made me cry, and made me fall in love with the characters. I hope the movie can do the same. It's killing me to know that the L.A. World Premiere happened last night (totally stayed up until 3am to watch the live streams...), and that tomorrow, the European Premiere will be happening at the O2 in London. Because whilst there was no way I could get to the first one, there is a huge chance that I could get to see the London Premiere...

Metro, why have you made my life so difficult!?

What do you think? Skip the last day of lectures to go to London and wait at the O2 arena for hours in the hopes that I may be one of the first 200 to get a ticket?

Yishi xxx


  1. The Hunger Games was a great trilogy but I'm worried that in keeping to a 12A rating they'll have watered it down and made it less... fierce.

    I guess I'll have to wait and see!

  2. Wow I guess you would recommend the book then xD
    I was actually intrigued by the trailer of the movie but I had no idea it was based on a triology of books (doh) but I will definitely read the books, probably first since in my opinion the books are usually better. Did you go to the premier then? How was the movie??

  3. I have never read the Hunger Games before, but now I'm interested. @~@

  4. I'm working on Catching Fire, but I haven't had time to finish it. I still haven't seen the film yet, but so far I either hear a person say they love it, but haven't read the books and then a person who has says they hated it. So I'm on the fence, but I intend to watch it just so I can compare it to the book. My younger sister is obsessed with Peeta, and I've been looking for a mockingjay necklace for her birthday. So far no luck. The pin is awesome.

  5. I saw the movie today but I didn't like it that much. It felt like a bit predictable and like the characters didn't really devellop that much at all. I think I'm just not that into teenage movies :)

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