Saturday, 24 November 2012


Eeeek, yet another abandon!! >__<

Song of the summer: Whistle by Flo Rida

So much has happened over the summer...

 I graduated from Cambridge! :D
 I landed a chemistry summer project in Cambridge
 I got a PhD offer in London
 I went on holiday to Morocco for two weeks :)
 I became another year older
 I moved to London~

Phew! That brings me up to date with the most important of my life updates. Sadly I have no photos of Morocco because I lost my camera in a taxi the day after I got back... :'(

A brief trip home to see mama and baba

My parents have all of my graduation photos, but I managed to find this one ~ my back is to the camera though hehe. The man in the red gown is our Praelector, and he is straightening my gown because mine was looking a little too scruffy...

Class of 2012!

Interview outfit for my PhD, plus one of the cute/ugly mascots from the London Olympics!

My thoughts on London ~ it's very very big. And pretty neat. There's so much stuff to do here, and since moving down I've thrown myself into loads of new activities: knit class, yoga, pole fitness, aerial hoop, and I'm thinking of taking up a pottery class too! :3

When the weather gets a little nicer I'll put up a photo of my new house, but until then, take care my lovelies~

Yishi xxx

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  1. Yishi!!
    You're baaack! haha!
    Congratulations on graduating!
    Hope you'll survive the busy life ahead.


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