Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Hobbit

Hey there!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Today I went to see The Hobbit - after hastily re-reading the novel over the last few days cuz I hate seeing a movie before I've read the book. Although, in this case, I had read the Hobbit before, only this was more than ten years ago, so I'd completely forgotten everything that happened in the plot which made it a nice surprise to go back to.

Lord of the Rings had always been a family thing - we went to watch all three movies in the cinema as a family, so a decade later, it was really nice to go see The Hobbit together, since these days, I don't get to see my parents often anymore. My initial thoughts upon entering the cinema went something along the lines of how can they make the book into three movies without dragging it out to the end of the world, but when I came out of the screening, I found that I'd been captivated for the entire duration of the movie.

I love the changes that they'd made, and how they brought loads of things together to set the stage up for LotR. The characters were great too, especially the dwarves, some of which were very pleasing to the eye hehe. As expected, Gollum was splendid - a friend of mine now has even more material to base his scary Gollum impressions on hehe. 

If the other two movies (which I hear they've already finished shooting!!) live up to this standard, then this may be one of the rare cases in which I find the movie better than the book! :O

Yishi x


  1. Hello there Yishi!
    I've been following your blog now for several months, and I enjoy reading your posts.
    I reckon, you're the first BBC girl blogger that I followed here.
    So, I just want to greet you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Hope 2013 would be a great year for you, and you be showered with more blessings!

    x, Bee.

  2. Yes! I loved this movie aswell, I actually really missed the LOTR movies and the characters. My auntie is a big LOTR fan and she was the one that borrowed me her DVD set which I then proceeded to watch one by one xD I just need to read the books now! And while I'm here, wishing you a happy new year! x


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