Sunday, 26 May 2013

[絕對達令] Absolute Boyfriend Afterthoughts~

So I just finished watching Jue Dui Darling (after such a long time I know) and oh my, where do I start?

How about with this... much fanservice and so so guilty of enjoying said fanservice. But enough about my not-so-secret flame for Jiro Wang.



I had an inkling that the story would turn tragic at some point (it's an idol drama, come on, how could there not be any tragedy?), given that it's essentially about the love between a human and a robot, but I underestimated just how heart-wrenching this could be. In the last episode alone, I cried enough to fill a water bottle - was very embarrassing too, since I was on a train and discreetly trying to hide the fact that I was a) watching an Asian drama and b) flooded with tears. Had to pause several times to hold the gates back.

I'm glad they didn't drag it out (any more than they already did) - by this point, I was ready to believe that I was watching the death of an actual person, that's how 'real' Night had become. It was all so bittersweet and painful, knowing that everyone was helpless and that this was the final countdown. The ending itself still makes my tears well up - no hint as to whether he does get revived... :'(

I haven't seen too much of Jiro's work, but out of everything I have seen him in, I think this is his best show by far. He did such a good job as Night, and I don't really have anything bad to say about his character at all.

Xiao Fei, on the other hand...her character got exceedingly annoying in the middle of the story - is passiveness a common trait of all girls in Asian dramas? She just lets herself get carried into all of these nasty situations, and is just tooooo naive for my liking that it really started to grate on me. But towards the end, I let that go when she finally stopped dilly-dallying around and faced up to her true feelings. I thought the emotional growth there was very touching (and about time too!). Pity they never got round to consummating their love... >_<:;

All I can say about Zhong Shi is this: poor guy. He had to put up with so much crap, yet he stayed by her side until the end. If I had a friend as good as Zhong Shi I would never let him go. Same with Night... ^^:;

And Lei Wu Wu came into his own towards the end too. I always liked him, even though he is so obviously there for comic relief but also such a funny character too (I don't usually find Chinese comic relief characters funny as the humour is too weird for me -_-)! He always used threats but never really carried them out and always seemed to be a good guy at heart, so I'm glad he tried to save Night and saw him as more than a simple robot.

I wish there could be a single episode set in the future, just to wrap everything up - we deserve that, at least! >__<


And on that note, here's the music video of the ending credits song for you to drool over~~

Now to find a new drama to watch...any recommendations?

Yishi xxx


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  2. This is such a nice review! I'd love to be able to watch this someday although I don't usually watch dramas *u* The only one I've ever watched is Heirs ^^; It was really good, though<3
    -Kiyomi xx


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