Thursday, 24 January 2013

[絕對達令] Absolute Boyfriend~!!

Hello! :3

I've recently become addicted to Jue Dui Darling, the 2012 Taiwanese drama adaptation of the Absolute Boyfriend manga by Yuu Watase! 

I love love love this show! It stars two idols that I adore: the Taiwanese singer Jiro Wang, and the Korean actress Koo Hye Sun from another show I love called Boys Before Flowers (although her voice is dubbed because she is not fluent in Mando). Multi-cultural indeed.

Jue Dui Darling is about a young working professional girl called Xiaofei, who, fed up of being rejected by guys all the time, whimsically orders an online boyfriend from a shady company called Cronos but doesn't actually believe what the writing on the package says. Much to her shock, the next day he is delivered in a pod. She activates him, and learns that he is a robot that has been calibrated to be her perfect boyfriend and that he is free for a trial period of two days. She's like, what the hell and takes him out, happy to receive so much attention. Unfortunately, she forgets to return him within the two days and therefore is forced to buy him - at a price that she will never be able to afford. Dundundun...!

At the moment, I have finished episode 4 out of 13 and am looking forward to much much more~~

The theme song is called Mr. Perfect, and it is by Fahrenheit. Isn't it catchy?

This is my current deskie background, hehe! >:3

What I really like about this show is that firstly, it's in Mandarin which means that I can actually follow it (and improve my Mando skills hehe), secondly, the acting is completely and utterly overdramatic - just how I like my Asian dramas to be, and thirdly, it's about a perfect boyfriend...what more can you want? My housemates have criticised this concept, saying that it's building up unrealistic expectations, true...but hey, a girl can dream, no? ^_^

Yishi xxx


  1. Jiro is just amazing *o* I enjoyed this show very much ^.^ I also love the theme song ♥ Unrealistic? So what :D There are so many unrealistic movies: Twilight, etc. And so many people are watching it, so what? :D A girl is allowed to dream (especially from Jiro)~

    1. Hehe, yes yes, Jiro is pure and utter <3!


      I like the ending theme too, but I find it very depressing and sad to listen to. I wish there was an official MV for the opening, that would be awesome!

  2. OMG this drama is HILARIOUS! I loved it, it was very good.

    I recently added a buttload of dramas to my Netflix queue that I gotta watch. :)

    1. Glad to know that this drama is a good investment! I do love the over-acting, even though it can be cringe at times, for me, that is what makes this drama so incredibly funny!

  3. I've heard abt this from a friend and just knowing the plot makes me interested abt it.
    Sadly, I haven't yet finished watching the show, but I already knew the ending!! Hahaha

    I won't spoil it but it really is a beautiful show.

    1. No spoilers, yes! >_<:;

      It's been hard to find online but I now have it all, so I should finish it soon~~


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