Sunday, 29 January 2012

Life without a phone...

So it's been almost a week now since I lost my phone, and whilst I've stopped checking for an appearance of it on Ebay, I still would like some kind of justice to be exacted on whoever now 'owns' it. I'm disappointed that someone in the Chemistry department took it - maybe it's a naive notion, but I thought that students in Cambridge would have more morals than this. And let's not lie, it isn't even a good phone...on a scale of one to smart, it doesn't even have 3G.

Song of the day: The Heat by Good with Grenades (reminds me of my tween days ^^)

Rest in peace, my Tocco Lite of 4 months.

Meanwhile, life without a phone has been somewhat the good old days. And ironically enough, more people have been in touch with me than when I owned a phone but that's only because I sent out a mass email to everyone I know on Facebook asking them to message me their numbers. Even so, it's been nice catching up with people.

Although, meeting up with people proved to be a bit more of a challenge! Let me illustrate. Yesterday, T and I arranged to meet at Cafe Nero, but when I got there, I couldn't find her at all on either the first or ground floors. Telling myself to calm down, I went back outside and stood there for a bit before my gaze landed on the other beverage establishments nearby. What if she'd gone to Starbucks? Costa? The OTHER Nero? Pret? I'm sure you're aware by now that I am not a very logical person, so after a few more minutes I decided to go to Starbucks, but didn't stay long. Back outside, luck finally came to me at last, for I bumped into an acquaintance who ended up saving the day! J and I chatted for a bit and I explained my predicament. Unfortunately, J did not know T, but she lent me her phone, and I called someone on her contacts list who knew my brother's phone number. After acquiring my brother's number, I called him to ask him for T's number, so in a convoluted chain of people, I finally managed to get into contact with T, who turned out to be sitting on the first floor of Nero thinking, "oh my god, something's happened to her"... >_<

Second example - today I'd arranged to meet up with E at Patisserie Valerie but on the way, my bike brakes broke (I came to this realisation when I almost got run over but let's not go into that >_< ...if I had to go to hospital again then that would truly be bad luck...) so I had to walk for the rest of the journey. And since I had no phone, I had no way of letting her know that I was going to be late. Hell, I didn't even know what the time was! But turns out I was only ten minutes late. Not really sure how much longer this can continue but I'm pretty reluctant to shell out the cash since I'm going to have to repair my bike unless I want to walk for the rest of my academic life...and not to mention the fact that my beloved camera also broke a few days ago too. Dropped it. Instead of getting a quote, I got an email reply from a repair service that said it was too uneconomical to fix so I may as well get a new one. Great.

Things I bought on Friday after I made sure I had my card with me. Photo taken with a friend's Samsung Galaxy S2... T_T

From the webcam...

This was my dinner tonight - Japanese curry with potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and prawns using a cube from my beloved Golden Curry stash. Sorry about the image quality!

Quote of the day: Maybe think about getting back into normal realms of communication before you go off taking pictures.
~ The brother.

So in conclusion, financially, emotionally and luck-wise, this has not been a good week for me, or a very prosperous start to the year of the dragon. But I made up for it by doing a lot of retail therapy this weekend (oh the irony) and if you are interested in my materialistic purchases, then please do check out my post here where I rave about things I buy.

On a final note, have you ever had to live without a phone for a while? And can you recommend me any mid-range models to buy for phone and a camera?

Yishi xxx


  1. Losing something is one of the worst feelings ever. I'm so sorry no one was nice enough to return it to you. Whenever I find something that is easily returned to the owner, I make an effort to get it back to them ASAP. I think, well if this was my (insert missing item) I would want someone to return it to me. I'm sending angry juju to the person who has your cell. >.<
    A couple years ago my cell broke so I had to use an old cell. It was horrible. -.-
    This vlog was actually from that time. Wow I suddenly feel old now after re watching that vlog. XD

  2. nice post, thanks for sharing! and i hope you find your phone!! -Audry Cece (www.thedontlovedare,com)


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