Saturday, 4 February 2012

[Links] Asian magazines and other fun things!

Hey guys, hope you are enjoying the weekend! I've decided that I will include a few links every now and then to things I've seen online that may or may not be of interest to you.

Song of the day: Mr Writer by Stereophonics (gotta love this classic!)

First up, two magazines on Asian culture that are available digitally and in English:

Click on the images above to be taken to the respective magazines. Aeris is a magazine geared towards Chinese youth, and I first came across them because their PR agents had contacted my brother and posted him some issues to distribute around Cambridge (how random!? O_o), whilst Just Seoul is all about Korean pop culture - I came across this via a Soompi thread. I'm pretty excited to be honest, because it is so difficult to get hold of Asian magazines in print here in the UK, so I do hope that more people jump on board and start to deliver content digitally (and in English xDD). If you know of any good Japanese ones, please let me know since I have not been able to find any yet!

Secondly, I want to show you a tutorial I found on yesstyle to make a hooded vest which just looks so damn awesome:

The creative forces in me keep on demanding for me to try this, but right now there are so many other things that I need to do...for instance, study, write the dissertation, look for a job... work out if it's possible for me and the ex to ever be friends again because it's been ten days now since we fell out and stopped speaking to each other... >_< 

On a final note:

Lot's of love, and have a great weekend! :)

Yishi xxx


  1. I love Asian magazines too! I don't know of any printed ones (in Australia at least), so I mostly rely on online ones and sites like Soompi and Seoulbeats to catch up (I love Seoulbeats, some very well-written and insightful articles there often with an interesting debate going on within the comments).

    thanks for the two links, I've bookmarked both! Love how Aeris covers such a wide range of topics, not just the entertainment side of Asia. :)

    sorry I don't know of any Japanese zines, but if I stumble upon one I'll definitely let you know! xD

    xx Izzy

    1. Yup, they are a rarity here in the UK too, unless you go to a comic store and get the really overpriced Japanese ones. Ooh, hadn't heard of Seoulbeats but thanks for the heads up ~ will go to check that place out! I use Chinasmack for Chinese news, but often the articles are pretty upsetting for me to read.

      Thanks for visiting! :)

      Yishi x


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