Sunday, 5 February 2012

Photo Diary: A Snowy Cambridge!

Hey everyone! Hope you are well and wrapped up warm this winter.

Yesterday, my friends and I cooked curry together for dinner, and when we looked outside, we noticed that the ground was covered in a layer of snow! Some of my other friends had just come back from the Hermes Sirens dinner (this is a very formal sports dinner that celebrates sporting life at Selwyn - Hermes are guys, and Sirens are girls) and L dragged me outside to play around in the snow for a bit.

Song of the day: Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers (this is one of H's favourite songs and seemed appropriate ^_^)

L is so pretty!

Today, I had a lunch arranged with my friend G, who graduated last year and will be working for Accenture soon. We were supposed to meet at 1pm, but as it was really snowy outside, I decided to walk and ended up being fifteen minutes late - on my way, I saw a guy with skis walking around! Here are some photos of my journey, starting with a few that my friend took this morning:

This is a view of Old Court from his window on the second floor!

And another...

And another...

I found this line of little snowmen so endearing!

Can you spot the snowman that's hiding near Ann's Court?

After passing the skier, I slipped into King's College - you can just about see their famous chapel here.

A Chinese poem.

A view of King's College Chapel from the bridge.

Snowmen keeping warm and standing sentinel.

Turns out I wasn't the only one late - we quickly agreed that an Asian 1pm definitely means 1:15pm, hehe.

After being introduced to the people I didn't know, we went to Nandos, and went a little overboard with the ordering. There were five of us, but we ended up getting enough food for seven: a jumbo platter, a wings platter plus seven large sides! I'm glad I decided to dress up a little bit since the people present were all high flyers - BarCap, Jane Street Capital, Linklaters and Accenture!


We warmed up a little bit in Starbucks before I went to look for a phone to buy...didn't get one though...

A view of King's College from the front.

OK, now we come to the best photos of the day...! After saying goodbye to Q, I was walking down Silver Street, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a giant mound of snow at the Queen's backs. It had attracted a group of people, so my curiosity got the better of me and I went over to investigate. Turns out, get this, it was a giant igloo!!! :D

Inside, it's quite warm and fits at least five people. I know this because five Chinese girls asked me to take a photo of them inside the igloo before I got to go in! ♥

How awesome is this!? Definitely profile picture material.

It was really warm inside too!

A little boy tried to get into this photo - can you see him?

Hehe. Gotta love the Cambridge creative spirit.

Seeing the igloo and the snowmen just made me so happy inside since last night, I was feeling a little down and had a dream that the ex and I were finally speaking to each other again, just as friends though. I do want him to know that I've come to terms now with the way things are, but it's just a little sad that we're no longer in each others' lives at all. Hopefully one day things will be OK again...

Finally, to leave this post on a light note, this is the outfit that I wore today:


Click the image if you want to know more about it - critiques welcome! ^^

Well, that just about wraps it up for now. Have you had a similar snow day, or are you lucky enough to be experiencing summer right now?

Yishi xxx


  1. I love snow days so much and your photos of the snow are gorgeous. I love that there was an igloo!

    1. Hehe, it only lasted one day though. When I went past it this morning, it was just a pile of snow... :(

  2. I am so jealous of all your snow!

    1. It's great to look at, but not when you have a 9am lecture to get to and it's 8:55am!!

  3. We don't get snow in my little corner if Texas, so i'm jealous!

    1. Awww! But at least you get really nice and warm weather in the summer! :D

  4. Those are such lovely photos! And you're so pretty! I'm dead jealous of the igloo, not gonna lie. I want an igloo! I want SNOW!

    1. Hehe thanks hun! ^^

      It's still early days...anything could happen in February...including SNOW! :D

  5. Everything looks so beautiful~ c:
    And the Starbucks... That looked yummy!

    1. It was definitely delicious and a great way to warm up after the five minutes we spent outside hehe :D

  6. Oh wow, snow is so beautiful. I live in Texas so snow is very rare. It did snow twice before. With a 15 year gap in between, but still it snowed. Not enough to build a snowman but still it was pretty impressive for Texas.

    And your outfit is too cute. :D

  7. Beautiful pictures!! (:


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