Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photo Diary: Valentine's Day Formal~

Hey there! I've just been to my first formal of term, so as promised, here is a glimpse of what one is like at Selwyn College. Ignore the fact that today it is Valentine's Day... ^_^

Song of the day: Misery by Maroon 5 (kekekeke...)

So, here we go! Date tonight with a bottle of wine and 45p. Hay-ell yeah..

If you are planning on drinking, then you need to come prepared. Formals at Cambridge generally start at 7:30pm, but you'll need to be ready by 7pm if you want to go to the bar to pick up wine. Luckily for me, I picked up mine on the way home from the lab today.

Getting ready, no make up on yet. Hmm, methinks it's time to clean the mirror.

Group shot in the bar before the rush to get seats in the main hall.

The main hall, formal style. Our meal will be candlelit! Unsurprisingly, tonight's formal was very empty...

The view of the other end of the hall. We're not really supposed to take photos when the college Fellows arrive so I haven't been able to snap many. The Fellows all sit at the high table which you can see in the previous photo.

Each place is set out like this. I quickly learned in my first year that you work your way inwards with the cutlery. Before food is served, we stand up for grace, which is read out in Latin, and read by a student who got a First in exams.

This is the menu! Looks scrumptious...

And it really was. The starter is probably the best one that I have tried here in all my four years! ^_^

We are given a plate with our main on it, and some platters of veg which we serve ourselves.

Normally I eat much more than this but for some strange reason, I was feeling quite full. Maybe it was the pennying... :/

We also have something where if you throw a 5p into someone's dessert before they put a spoon or fork in it, then they have to eat the dessert with their face and no cutlery. O refused to eat his in this manner! (that's his hand by the way...not mine...)

O and I, post penny merriness.

Afterwards we went up to J's room and hung out there for a bit. No one felt like going out so we just chilled. Some of the guys decided to come clean with hidden talents like juggling but I held my ground with my pen spinning skills! :P

My outfit with my college gown on!

Without the gown! For my outfit deconstruction, click the images to be taken to my style blog! ^_^

Got my blood test results today: all is well chez moi, so I'm very happy about that! Although I have three hospital appointments now to look forward to, first one beginning tomorrow afternoon... -_-

Other news, hmm...well, I think one of my chemical reactions may have finally worked after months of not behaving, yippeee! :)

Well, that's all for tonight now. Going to try to sleep earlier and get into better bedtime habits, so night night, and I do hope that you had a wonderful day whether you spent it with someone 'special' or not.

Yishi xxx


  1. It sounds like you had a great time~ c:
    The food looks scrumptious! :'D

    I really love the dress/heels/hair combo - everything gives off a 'fierce' feeling! Not many girls can pull that off~ ;D

    1. Yup yup it was great fun, and also very delicious indeedio. Thanks, hehe, nice to know that there are other alternatives in my repetoire to looking 'cute'... xD


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