Friday, 30 December 2011

Boys Before Flowers ♥

Drama (of the K variety), romance, hot guys? Need I say more? ^^

꽃보다 남자, or Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers has been my lifeline these last few days, as Gossip Girl was two years ago, and boy is this series addictive! I'm only ten episodes in, but from episode one, I could definitely see why there has been so much hype about it!

We are introduced to the main character, Geum Jan Di, a dry cleaner's daughter who saves a bullied student from committing suicide at the prestigious Shinhwa High School when she is delivering dry cleaning. As a result, she gets accepted and enrolled into the school, but soon finds herself a target once she stands up to the infamous F4, the idols of the school and the ones who are in charge of the bullying. War breaks out since she is the first to stand up to the group, and the first to retaliate but the resilient Jan Di stands her ground and refuses to bow down. As her life becomes more and more entangled with those of the F4, romance and drama are never far away...

I gotta say that Asian drama is nothing like anything I've seen before: everything is more emotional, more intense, and I just feel so connected to the characters (...probably because you know, they have black hair and brown eyes...just sayin'...)!

There were many times that I found myself getting teary eyed, especially at little acts of kindness or things that came straight from the heart. Unspoken words, longing glances, eyes meeting across a crowded room. Shared values and beliefs, the knowledge of what makes life a struggle, and the uneasiness of not knowing. To highlight - the whole Ji Hoo subplot is totally heart-breaking. I mean, falling in and out of love is bad enough, but to have loved someone so strongly and unrequitedly for over ten years? That's torture.

Even though the storylines have been done before in Western dramas: high school war, bitchy girls, back-stabbing and love triangles, I definitely felt like there was something intangibly special here, something unique that no Western director could ever bring, but maybe that's just because I can identify much more with the characters here to some degree by virtue of appearance and culture. I guess what I'm saying is, that it's nice to see rice and chopsticks featuring so prominently on the screen for once! ^^

Oh, and how can you not melt when the boys flash these smiles?

How can you not fall for this piece of bad-assery?

Jun Pyo kyaaaaaa~!!

And who does not want to be like this feisty girl? ^^

Go Jan Di, go Jan Di!

I wish I had a little brother like Geum Kang San:

He is just so adorably cute in every single scene!

I only wish that I could have had the chance to watch this with the ex, since I'm sure he'd have rolled his eyes non-stop at all the petty dramas and romances. But anyway, if you need something new to watch that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, then BBF is your next guilty viewing pleasure hehe!

All my love,

Yishi xxx

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