Friday, 16 December 2011


Introducing...*dundundun*...Charger, or Chargy the cat!

He used to be a stray but got taken in by SJ's landlord, so now lives here! He's quite independent and generally doesn't show you any affection unless he's hungry or wants to be let out of the house, in which case he'll purr like crazy, rub up against you, and give you the stare. You know what I'm talking about:

Anyway, today I decided not to go home and to stay for a little while longer to rebuild a few bridges with SJ. I ended up tidying up the kitchen since it was bugging me lots, and came across the cat looking a bit peeved at the amount of washing up in the sink:

Yes, there is most definitely snow in the background - our first winter snow, in fact! He tried to get to the ground, but didn't like that the sink was wet, so after tentatively testing out a route, he kind of slid to the ground hehe.

Isn't he so adorable?

Hope these photos cheer you up like they did with me! :)

Yishi xxx


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