Saturday, 17 December 2011

My bunny hand muff warmer~♥

So today is the last day that I spent with SJ; tomorrow I will be heading home to face the wrath of the parental units who as of yet, do not know about the existence of le boyfriend... D:

We ended up going into town to buy presents for people - at John Lewis, I bought some wool and some needles to knit my friend a scarf, since she's making me a cute fluffy hoodie with animal ears! ^_^

I also got some nice wines for my parents. With my and SJ's disagreement fresh in my mind, I came across a section in M&S that were selling shoes, and determined to prove that I could wear a heel and that the reason I didn't wear them was by choice (I mean come on, pain for the sake of conforming to men's standards of beauty? Uh, call me a closet feminist but no-siree!), I made a beeline for the shelves. And found this:

£65, Suede triple buckle boots, Autograph, M&S

AAAAHHHH they were soooo nice to walk in!! And I didn't feel like I was going to break my ankle! Nor did it feel like my feet were being crushed! I think I just had an epiphany...

The final thing I got was a spur of the moment gift from SJ. We were walking along the main street when we passed a stall manned by an Asian couple who were selling REALLY CUTE PLUSHIE THINGS! They had cute hats, cute jewellery and what looked like cute pillows but actually turned out to be animal hand muff warmers! SJ was like:

So we walked on. On the way back, I decided to try out my powers of aegyo, and guess what, they worked! Five minutes later, I was walking away with a super cute-ass bunny hand warmer~ ^^

Tokki and Nemo!

It is so warm and fluffy!

SJ was not pleased that I was using his bed as a photo studio! ^^:;

I couldn't find any information at all about this product online, other than this so if you know anything about these, then let me know! Alternatively, if you're in Liverpool and happen to have £7 handy, then why not get one for yourself? :D

All my love,

Yishi xxx

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