Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys! I hope you've had a wonderful day today and that all your Christmas wishes came true! :)

So, as I said yesterday, today we celebrated Christmas at a family friend's house which was fun fun fun! Besides all the yummy cooking - scallops, crab, crispy beef, pickled salad, fried chicken, waterlily patties, duck, fish, tofu soup, sweet soup and more - we ended up watching Ratatouille, The Grufallo's Child, Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, and most of Juno. Pretty epic line-up this year, but sadly, no board games! :(

I'm sure you don't want me to ramble on any longer, so before I sign off, I just wanted to share with you the gifts that I got this year:

Modest but meaningful!

A handmade furry hoodie with bear ears from my dear friend Agent Double T (I knitted her a scarf and handwarmers in return which does not cover her kindness, not by a long shot); that pair of shoes that I lusted about in a previous post; enough money from family and friends to keep me happy for a long time; Tokki the handwarmer and a cute necklace, both from the bf!

Which I wore tonight! ^^

In return, I got him a ring, since he gives his rings meanings and he lost the one he assigned to symbolically represent me... *eyeroll* ...I also have a few other things for him but they will remain a secret until I next see him.

He assigned it to represent "being chained down"... ¬_¬

Anyway, as I've already said, I really do hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Even if you are not religious (which I'm not), I still think that this is a day which we should spend with our loved ones and a day where you should enjoy every bit of the time you spend together. Memories are precious things, and in a world where there is so much stress, suffering and depression, we need a ray of sunshine in our lives to remind us of the warmth that positive human emotions can bring. So I say, bring on the festive cheer! ^^

All my love,

Yishi xxx

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