Sunday, 11 December 2011

My croquette [고로케] nightmare!

Or, the story of a first time cooking experience gone wrong.

This evening, SJ and I were debating on what we should do for dinner - our dilemma of the day! Our options: brave the gale force maelstrom for a restaurant in the city, or stay in and cook. Guess which one we chose?

Since we had some leftover ham and potato soup from our mis-adventures on Friday night, SJ decided to use up all of our resources and make 고로케...goroke...or croquettes for those of us (a.k.a. me ^^:;) that are not fluent in Korean. I always thought croquettes came from France, but apparently they are Roman in origin!

Yeah, ours looked nothing like this...

So what did we do to deserve that caption? Note that I do not endorse what we did in any way, shape or form. Just so you know.

We boiled some potatoes and then mashed them. If you do dare to try to replicate this, then don't add any milk like we did... >_<

Next, we chopped a stick of celery, an onion, and some mushrooms into fine pieces and fried them until soft before adding everything to the mash. Afterwards, we chopped up some ham into small pieces and added that in too, along with some grated cheese.

We mixed up all of the above with our leftover soup, but I'm sure you can omit this and still have a nice croquette. In fact, if you omit this, it'll probably turn out better than ours did!

The next bit was where we (I say we, but it was actually SJ) went wrong: we tried to make the mixture into little patties and cover them in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs, then fry. But our mixture was a bit too runny, so we had a lot of trouble with that step until I took over and saved the day! :D

So they turned out to be more like potato cakes...but whatever. By the time we ate at 11pm we could not have cared less! ^_^

Bon nuit, dear chopsticks!

Yishi xxx

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