Thursday, 29 December 2011


How to mend a broken heart #3: Laughter

And lot's of it. But first, a health and sanity check up is order. Healthwise, I think I'm ill...ah hell. Not much I can do about that other than force myself to eat and drink and sleep. I'm feeling less hollow now - distractions are keeping me going, such as escaping via the medium of the critically acclaimed and totally addictive Boys Over Flowers (ZOMGSOGOOD ^_^)!!!

Going off tangent somewhat, when it comes to texts, the single x still gets to me though, since I sign off with one x to most of my friends, so it's kinda like saying, "oh, you're just another friend now amongst my sea of friends, nothing special anymore." As for my habits, I tend to give two to people who I hold in high estimation, and three or more to really special people...and the kind of people who go crazily overboard with the x signage on their own texts hehehe!

Dreamed about him again, but it was only a minor little thing - more like a memory of us staying together. And speaking of dreams, I came across this on fb and it made me chuckle:

Bwahahahahaha! >:)

I kinda wish the ex had gotten me an easier gift to cuddle with at night. Tokki is kinda awkward to sleep with, since he/she/it...probably a she is delicate - I'm always worried that I may tear off the glued on flowers in a fit of REM induced rage...heh.

So, since laughter is supposed to be the best medicine for the soul, here are some videos that brought a smile to mah face:

AHAHAHAHA... true...!

It was me! I'm the hero!

Oh, and let's totally not forget this timeless classic... >:)

Anyway... ^^

Gotta stay strong, eat food, and conjugate verbs! 加油! 아자 아자! *waves flag*

All my love,

Yishi xxx

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